J.P. Wiser's Manhattan Whisky Cocktail

Recreate that moment at your favourite bar with this ready-to-serve blend of the classic cocktail, the Manhattan. J.P. Wiser’s Canadian craft whisky is layered with the botanical, bitter notes of vermouth and spiced with the warmth of cloves, ginger and baked cinnamon. This savoury bitterness of this ruby-hued blend promises to be the perfect addition to your at-home happy hour. Simply drop a few ice cubes into a rocks glass and pour. Cherry garnish optional.

Tasting Notes
White pepper, cloves, ginger, baked cinnamon, matured wood, and rye spices

Size 750ml Bottle

35% ALC./VOL

  • Tasting Profile

  • How to Enjoy

    1) Pour over ice

    2) Stir

    3) Add maraschino cherry (optional)