Lot No. 40 Peated Quarter Cask Canadian Whisky

Limit of 2 bottles per order.

With a palate full of dark fruit and rye spice, Lot No. 40’s 100% Rye is bold and unmistakable. By exploring with unique and unexpected barrel finishes, Dr. Don Livermore has complimented this distinctive rye profile with an equally unmistakable finish – Peated Quarter Casks. Previously containing a peated single malt whisky from Scotland, these barrels bring a distinct peaty, smoky element to the whisky. With consumers seeking bigger, bolder whisky expressions, Dr. Don has combined two of the most sought after – rye whisky and peated single malts. Bottled at cask strength, this limited edition whisky is sure to delight those whisky connoisseurs seeking something new and interesting to delight their palate.