J.P. Wiser's 15 Year Old Canadian Whisky


Aged for 15 years, this best-selling J.P. Wiser’s whisky is a classic member of our portfolio. At first sip, it’s a blend of spiced toffee and caramel notes that is deliciously smooth. Its dried fruit and peppery finish make for a memorable at-home happy hour. Savour it neat or on the rocks to appreciate the full depth of its flavour. Gift it: celebrate an occasion or milestone by engraving a bottle for someone special.

Size 750ml Bottle

40% ALC./VOL

  • Tasting Profile

  • Awards

    CWA 2021 Bronze Award
  • How to Enjoy

    This whisky is at its best when sipped neat, on the rocks, or with a few drops of water.